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MMT Diagnostics has developed a disruptive technology that unleashes the potential of telepathology, matching supply with demand in real time no matter where patients are being treated, and with any type of digital pathology system remote microscopy or whole slide scanner from any vendor.

Our pioneering solution cuts turn-around time for diagnosis from weeks to minutes and enhances education and training of local expertise improving accuracy of cancer diagnoses and 

advancing treatment from palliative to curative. 

Cut Diagnostic Turn-Around Time 
From Weeks to Minutes

MMT Diagnostics mission is to improve cancer treatment outcomes by shortening the time it takes to get patients started on the right treatment plans.

Our innovative telemedicine technology facilitates diagnosis-on-demand by enabling pathologists to interpret specimens remotely, confer with colleagues in real-time, and deliver diagnoses on smears and frozen sections from anywhere they can access the web.

Real-Time Consensus on Diagnosis

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