MMT Diagnostics PathX® telepathology system currently supports:

- Live Online Remote Streaming

- SPOT Imaging HD Cameras and PathSuite Software

​- Olympus DP HD Cameras and cellSens Software

- Canon EOS DSLR Cameras and image utility program

- Jenoptiks Progres Cameras and CS-Scan Software

- Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android systems

- Aperio (Leica Biosystems) Whole Slide Scanners

- Olympus Hamamatsu Virtual Microscopy System

- Unversal Interface to any HD camera or whole slide imaging scanner

MMT Diagnostics technology connects any and all pathology systems to digitize and upload slides to our innovative web application for unlimited collaboration, diagnosis, and sign-out! 



MMT Diagnostics works with any pathology slides that have been digitized through any scanner or streaming video system, and in any format.  MMT Diagnostics is proud to work with the leading Digital Imaging systems that bring medical experts to patients no matter where they are being treated. Our goal is to provide hospitals and care givers cost-effective technology solutions that make remote diagnosis affordable and accessible to all.

The MMT Diagnostics PathX® 

telepathology system has a universal interface that supports all makes and models of digital pathology imaging devices.