Remote Diagnostics

MMT Diagnostics works with any pathology slides that have been digitized through any scanner or streaming video system, and in any format.  MMT Diagnostics is proud to represent leading Digital Imaging systems that bring medical experts to patients no matter where they are being treated.  Our goal is to provide hospitals and care givers cost-effective technology solutions that make remote diagnosis affordable and accessible to all.

MMT Diagnostics technology disrupts the status quo in cancer care because it enables pathologists to achieve consensus on difficult diagnoses in minutes rather than weeks, so that they can help physicians put together the correct treatment plans for their patients in a timely manner and improve outcomes.

Web Application

MMT Diagnostics real-time web-based pathology technology pays for itself and turns anatomic pathology into a revenue center by reducing turnaround time per case, enabling consolidation of labs, increasing the case-load that a lab can process, and improving QA- by facilitating on-demand collaboration, diagnosis, and case sign-out.

As a scalable web app, MMT Diagnostics technology can be accessed and deployed in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of each institution and physician.